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Copa Airlines Cargo is committed to providing the best service to its customers, ensures the privacy of the data and information provided through the use of this website, and guarantees to take the appropriate measures so that said information is used only In order to provide a better service to its clients, adapting it to their interests and needs.


Copa Airlines Cargo will not sell or share any part of the information, unless a competent authority requires it, however, Copa Airlines and its affiliates will use this information for communication purposes.


We may obtain information about you from a variety of sources, including information that we obtain directly from you, as well as information that we collect when you visit our website, use our services, or contact us. .


We collect personal information from the following categories:

  • Name and surname
  • Phones
  • Email
  • Postal mail
  • Home Address
  • Airway Bill number
  • Number of pieces in the shipment
  • Shipping weight
  • Status of shipment
  • Shipping weight at the time of delivery


We obtain information directly from you in the following situations:

  • Open company accounts with referral contacts
  • Claims
  • Fill out the reference guides for shipping the cargo
  • Make quotes


Copa Airlines Cargo has a privacy policy to protect the information of its customers by faithfully complying with the laws relating to data protection. By providing us with your information, you are consenting to the use of your data to provide you with a better service.


For personal information collected by Copa Airlines Cargo, our clients have the following rights: 

  1. The right to know expressly, precisely and unequivocally the personal information Copa Airlines Cargo collects and the use that will be made of this data.
  2. The right to request deletion of personal information as long as:
    • It is not necessary for the operation carried out by Copa Airlines Cargo.
    • Do not affect the correct functioning of Copa Airlines Cargo.
    • Do not interfere with judicial or administrative actions related to tax obligations, investigation and prosecution of crimes or administrative sanctions.
    • The applicant does not have a legal or contractual duty with Copa Airlines Cargo.
  3. The right to request that companies disclose personal information collected from a specific costumer.
  4. The right to non-discrimination in access, equality of services and price.
  5. The right of rectification: Copa Airlines Cargo will provide the necessary rectification mechanisms to the owner of the personal data who requests to correct errors, modify the data that prove to be inaccurate or incomplete, and guarantee the certainty of the processed information.
  6. The right of opposition: Copa Airlines Cargo will allow the owner of the data, for well-founded and legitimate reasons related to a particular situation, to refuse to provide their personal data or to have it processed, as well as to revoke their consent.


For more details about the services we provide, contact us at: reservacarga@copaair.com

For more details on the personal information we collect, please contact us at: privacy@copaair.com




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