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Copa Airlines Cargo, is committed to offer the best of the services to its clients, and to guard for the privacy of the data and information provided by its clients by  the use of the present Web Site, and warrants to take all the pertinent measures so the referred  information will only used to provide a better services to our clients.

Copa Airlines Cargo  has a policy  to protect the privacy of its clients complying with all of the legislations that regulate the protection of data.

The information collected by Copa Airlines Cargo  by means of the use of the present Web Site is the following: Airway Bill number, number of  items, weight, status, and finally the weight of shipment at the time of delivery.

All of the above referred to information will not be sell nor share by Copa Airlines Cargo, unless it has been required by a competent authority, but it will be use by Copa Airlines Cargo and its affiliates for communication purposes with the users.




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Privacy Policy and Conditions
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